Control Your Cash Flow

Get a 24-7 view into your business using the Budgify Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. Not only do we get you accurate books every month, we can also pay your bills and manage invoices!

A modern take on bookkeeping

By using Artificial Intelligence & Machine-Learning technology, we’re able to automate the entire bookkeeping process and replace the need for an in-house bookkeeper. This allows business owners the ability to reallocate their funds to either grow their business or pay down debt faster.


Investors and banks are looking for accuracy, and you should be, too. Once your business is synced to Budgify, we’ll automatically categorize your expenses for you.

Your Future

The data you get from business transactions are like precious gems! Budgify highlights all of your business trends, allowing you to make extra-calculated decisions.

Control Your
Cash Flow

Budgify can also pay your bills and manage invoices. Our software acts as a complete accounting department at your fingertips! No more wasting money on expensive in-house hires.

Monthly Financials and
In-Depth Reports

Our in-depth reporting allows you to monitor the health of your business and access live dashboards, 24-7. When tax season comes, simply hand your books to a tax pro or we can file them for you!

Meet the team

First, we’ll introduce you to a team of dedicated bookkeepers who will efficiently work with you and bring you up to speed. They’ll learn all about your business from the ground up and take note of your biggest aspirations!

Send Transactions

Then, you’ll register in our Secure Client Portal to send, access, and store all your financial documents. We use 256-bit encryption, bank-level security, where you’ll connect all your important business data using integrated AI and automation tools. As soon as your accounts are synced, your proactive team will get to work on your books immediately!

Get your books done

Never again will you have to worry about having messy books and inaccurate financials. We will save you hundreds of hours of manual data entry, by categorizing your business transactions in real-time, every month. Need answers? Our team can quickly get you up to speed, answer questions, and even work directly with your CPA to ensure speedy decision making.

Receive Measurable Business Insights

With instant access to key industry metrics such as burn reports for startups, inventory management and more, it’s easy to make sound decisions that get you closer to your long-term business objectives. Our BI dashboards are designed for tactical bookkeeping that projects a visible timeline on your business, so you always know where you are — and where you’re going.

Get Back to Business

Every month, you get detailed reports, including a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and a cash flow statement for the previous month. You’ll also receive text updates whenever your financial reports and analysis are ready.

Need guidance? At Budgify, we believe that business intelligence should come standard. Feel confident knowing you’ll get proactive advice and support that you need, at the exact moment you need it.